Whether it’s wrinkles, rough skin, acne or an uneven skin tone, everyone will have to deal with this at a stage in life. Treatments by a dermatologist will solve these skin issues but can be expensive in the long run and you need to keep it up. We’re proud to have a solution to this problem and it’s called Microderm Pro! This Microdermabrasion device is designed for home use but has the same effect as Microdermabrasion at the clinic as it has real diamonds on the surface!

It’s recommended by dermatologists and it’s the only microdermabrasion device in the world equipped with a revolutionary rotating head. The skin will feel smoother, softer and younger after the first use and will improve more after every use. The diamonds stimulate the blood flow and stimulate collagen rejuvenation while removing the doll and dead skin. We don’t let skin imperfections get to us, neither should you!